Off-Set Printing

The high-end off-set print across a variety of industry sectors. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver no matter what the deadline.

Offset printing uses full colour (CMYK), special colours (PMS), coatings and varnish inks on plates to transfer images and text onto paper. Offset printing is the ‘traditional’ form of printing and is ideal for producing medium to large quantities.

Brochures, Catalogues & Magazines

Catalogues and Brochures have been used by businesses for a long time and, even today, continue to be an effective way of marketing products and promoting services. Short run printed Brochures and Catalogues can now be ordered from Short-runas low as 10 copies.

Strut Cards

Strut Cards are an excellent and affordable way to promote at the counter. Displayed at the point of purchase, Strut Cards are printed
in full colour and can prove to be very effective.

Shelf Edge Strips

Shelf Edge Strips provide opportunities for retailers who utilise a shelving system for product display. Testing is now much easier as you can order strips for a single shelf to see what works best, without having to bulk

Business Cards

We all notice great looking Business Cards which are a great branding opportunity. Even if you sell on line, it makes good sense to include your card with every sale delivery.

Membership Cards

Membership Cards will provide a sports club, gym or other organisation with a clear way to identify its members. Membership Cards can vary in size – ideally sized to fit a standard wallet.

Marketing Cards

Often referred to as the letter box ‘Mini Bill Board’ – when you have only 3 seconds to get your message across, a well designed Marketing Card is worth the investment.

Appointment Cards

Well-designed Appointment Cards need to be practical and easy to write on. Appointment Cards are best printed on heavy-weight stock to suit all situations.

2xDL Marketing Cards

Twice the space as a standard DL Marketing Card – the 2xDL Marketing Card opens up for twice space for product information without the added postage cost.

Tent Cards

Designed for counter and table tops or simply where space may be scarce – Tent Cards are sawy table talkers which you can order in a range of sizes

Table Menus

Well-designed table menus can be a delight to read. Providing photos of your signature dishes can remove the guesswork and make it easier for customers to order with ease.


Bookmarks are the perfect bookshops, newsagent or self-publisher give-away. Create further value by printing a discount voucher for your next publication on the reverse

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards have so many uses, and are on the comeback – especially now as digital cards have flooded the cloud making printed cards much more personal.


Whether you are arranging a corporate event or throwing a birthday party, Invitations are available in a range of finishes to suit your budget

Brochures & Leaflets

Well-designed brochures and leaflets are the unsung heroes of advertising. Whether you choose to distribute it via mail or leave it on the counter – best printed in full colour.

Takeaway Menus

Restaurant owners know that Takeaway Menus can gain more customers. A well-designed takeaway menu can easily be shared with others to deliver an excellent ROI.


Research says people prefer to take their eyes off the screen to read the news. Newsletters can be designed to be any size and easily shared with others.

Folded DL Leaflets

Folded DL Leaflets can be a great choice. They work well for mail drops as well as newspaper and magazine inserts.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a great way to reward customers and they are also a great way of drawing in new customers through newspaper
insertions or Letterbox drops.

Reward Coupons

Coupons are a great way to gain repeat business by offering rewards for return visits and purchases. Decide on the particulars of your incentive or reward campaign and let us take care of the rest.

Event Tickets

Event Tickets come in many sizes and can be printed on various stocks. The common theme is they need to be durable, legible and fit for use on all occasions.


Generally speaking, Permits should withstand most weather conditions. Often used for car parking, fishing or any other type of service for which proof of authorisation is required.

Branded Desk Pads

Branded Desk Pads are ideal as give-aways and can often feature a calendar to add further value. Available in various sizes from AS to A2.

Promotional Calendars

Promotional Calendars are still hugely popular. The key to a great Calendar is functionality, design and finish – get it right and your Calendar will be an excellent brand statement for a full 12 months. With many sizes and styles to choose from including tent, wire-bound or saddle-stitched.

Gift Card Carriers

Gift Card Carriers are a smart way to present gift cards, promote your brand and an opportunity to include gift card conditions, product details and value.

Door / Bin Hangers

Door and Bin Hangers can be used for a variety of informational and promotional purposes. These can also, be an alternative to standard
leaflets and door drops.

Presentational Folders

Door and Bin Hangers can be used for a variety of informational and promotional purposes. These can also, be an alternative to standard
leaflets and door drops.

Letterheads & Followers

Stand out and look your best with Letterheads on quality laser stock. UV Printed colour makes your logo and branded colours look clean and vibrant.

Promotional Folders

Ideal for combining important elements, Wallets often include a gusset for high capacity

Compliment Slips

Compliment Slips will generally be of the same stock as your letterhead. A good branding opportunity for a business with an eye for quality.

Invoice & Statements

Invoice and Statement blanks. Typically these need to be laser compatible and will match your
letterheads or other stationery.

Branded Envelopes

Envelopes can be printed on the front and back depending on suitability. Available in all standard sizes with a variety of glue flap options.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets are perfect to promote home services, trade services, estate agents, doctors and even your local vet. There is even room on DL size magnets to include a handy calendar.

Product Labels

Product Labels can spell the difference between success and failure on the shelf. Self-adhesive labels are mostly printed on split-back stock supplied either on sheets or as individuals.


Now you can order super high-quality short-run brochures such as – 
• 4pp A4 Landscape Brochures
• 6pp A4 Brochures or Menus
• A2 Posters
• Presentation Folders

Bindings & Finishings


When you would like to create a talking point. Scodix provides a clear high gloss coating that people just can’t put down.


This is a process where you are able to highlight specific areas on book covers or folders by applying a high gloss coating.


Lamination options include Gloss, Matt and New Velvet to add that quality and protective finish to printed literature


A binding method that is most commonly used in the production of calendars, notebooks and reports. Wires are available in a range of colours.


Coil or Spiral binding is ideal for manuals, notepads and conference notes. Customers also choose coil binding when they need each page to open fully.


This method of binding is the most frequently requested for collated books. Binding options are governed by the number and stock weight of pages


Collating is done when multiple kinds are required in a specific order. We offer collation to bring the job together.


Desk pads and stationery such as delivery and memo pads. Using glue, these can be bound on any of the straight edges.


Drilling is required when ring binding or for products such as swing tickets and hanging boards.

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